StampedeCon 2015 will be July 15-16


StampedeCon Big Data ConferenceWe’ve finalized the dates for StampedeCon 2015!  We’ll be holding the conference on July 15-16 in St. Louis and we’re also working on training workshops for July 14.  We’re working on putting together the agenda now.

Special early registration will be available soon.  For sponsorship or other questions, please contact us.  To receive conference updates, sign up for our announcement newsletter.

StampedeCon 2014 Slides Posted


StampedeCon 2014 was May 29-30, 2014. Executives, architects, engineers and others described practical business and technical aspects of Big Data projects. From analytics to strategies, experts illustrated how to harness the power of Big Data.

This year’s multiple track format helped companies in all different stages of their Big Data adoption and provided attendees the opportunity to learn about everything from starting a Big Data pilot program to transitioning into production to advanced use cases.

Check out some of the StampedeCon 2014 slides at


Piloting Big Data: Where To Start?


Multi-channel DataYou know you have data–perhaps in various data silos.  You may even feel that there is more useful data that you could be collecting. You know there are problems it can solve. But how do you bridge the gaps in between? Even after experimenting with Big Data tools, it may still be unclear how to map your current data architecture and analytics processes to the capabilities available in current Big Data tools.

At StampedeCon 2014 in St. Louis, John Akred, CTO of Silicon Valley Data Science and former Big Data R&D Lead at Accenture, will describe a road-tested strategy for methodically moving from business problem, through an understanding of data requirements and technical capabilities, through to creating a targeted roadmap for your Big Data pilot project.

Join us at StampedeCon 2014 to hear John’s talk and a number of others designed to help you determine how to best leverage Big Data within your organization.

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StampedeCon 2014 Begins!

Its time for StampedeCon 2014!  We kick off on Thursday, May 29 at 8:00 AM.  Watch the hashtag #StampedeCon on Twitter for updates.

DIRECTIONS: For Directions to the conference, see the Venue page.

We’re excited to see everyone at StampedeCon 2014!

Solving Large-scale Offline Data Ingestion Challenges

richrelevanceNew mobile, social, sensor and click-stream data from consumers, the Internet of Things and even the “Enterprise of Things” is creating opportunities but also challenges for organizations who have decided to try to harness this data’s potential.  One such challenge is large-scale offline data ingestion.

At StampedeCon 2014, Murtaza Doctor, Principal Architect at RichRelevance, will describe a platform that his team has built to provide a self-service data ingestion platform that provides schema discovery, validation and error reporting as well as integration with Hive for ELT processes.   Continue reading

Will big data allow the right to be forgotten?

lockIn a decision that will have big data usage implications, the European Union Court of Justice has ruled that users have the right to request Google remove search results which contain private, or otherwise sensitive data. The search engine giant will be obliged to remove the data, “…unless there are particular reasons not to, such as the result and its data is in the public interest”, however how that would be determined was not addressed. Continue reading