StampedeCon AI Summit

October 17, 2017 - St. Louis, MO


Explore the applications of artificial intelligence for your organization. The world of AI is here, will you be a part of it?

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The Growth of AI

The applications of artificial intelligence in the creation of new products and optimizing business operations are growing and boundless. Advanced machine learning techniques, underpinned by the fundamentals of data science, are bringing predictive models to new levels of accuracy and helping drive new products, capabilities, and discoveries.


What do we KNOW?

You have been collecting and reporting on your data, looking backwards in time. Develop predictive models to find patterns and increase your understanding of the factors that drive your business.


How do we LEARN more?

Advanced machine learning capabilities, such as Deep Learning, are advancing our ability to train predictive models. True learning comes as we act on predictive models and learn what data we could add to models to improve their accuracy.

How do we PREDICT?

Predictive analytics allows us to learn from past business data to predict future outcomes and opportunities. Iteratively refine your models based on actual outcomes and new data. Model, prescribe, act, measure, repeat.

Join the Inaugural AI Summit

Hear from expert speakers and network with other regional data scientists and machine learning practitioners at the inaugural StampedeCon AI Summit on October 17, 2017 in St. Louis, MO


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Location: Eric P Newman Education Center, Washington University Medical School

320 S Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63110


Metro Parking Garage
This is EPNEC’s primary parking garage.
Located at the corner of Taylor and Children’s Place Avenues.
Daily Rate is $15 – Accepts Cash Only
Click Here for Printable Map and Directions

EPNEC is an IACC-certified conference center on the campus of Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri


911 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101, USA



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