Mike Martinez

Principal Engineer

Mike Martinez, Principal Engineer at Object Computing, Inc.,
is investigating ways to bring big data to users in ways that make
sense.  He is using applications in the financial domain to guide his
investigations “because that’s where the money is”.  He has experience
with radar signal processing at Hughes Aircraft Company, along with
communications systems and guidance, navigation, and control work at
McDonnell Douglas to ground his analytics.  At OCI he has created large
complex event processing engines to analyze financial market data and
search for trading signals.  Mike worked with vector processor arrays
for radar processing at Hughes, then massively parallel processors in an
OC-192 line speed router application for local startup company Celox,
followed by helping to develop a unique many-core physics processing
engine at local startup company Ageia.  This deep experience in
distributed programming makes working with todays multi-threaded and
distributed high performance clusters second nature.


Interactive Visualization in Human Time