Hadoop adoption is a journey. Depending on the business the process can take weeks, months, or even years. Hadoop is a transformative technology so the challenges have less to do with the technology and more to do with how a company adapts itself to a new way of thinking about data. There are challenges for companies who have lived with an application driven business for the last two decades to suddenly become data driven. Companies need to begin thinking less in terms of single, silo’d servers and more about “the cluster”.

The concept of the cluster becomes the center of data gravity drawing all the applications to it. Companies, especially the IT organizations, embark on a process of understanding how to maintain and operationalize this environment and provide the data lake as a service to the businesses. They must empower the business by providing the resources for the use cases which drive both renovation and innovation. IT needs to adopt new technologies and new methodologies which enable the solutions. This is not technology for technology sake. Hadoop is a data platform servicing and enabling all facets of an organization. Building out and expanding this platform is the ongoing journey as word gets out to businesses that they can have any data they want and any time. Success is what drives the journey.

The length of the journey varies from company to company. Sometimes the challenges are based on the size of the company but many times the challenges are based on the difficulty of unseating established IT processes companies have adopted without forethought for the past two decades. Companies must navigate through the noise. Sifting through the noise to find those solutions which bring real value takes time. As the platform matures and becomes mainstream, more and more companies are finding it easier to adopt Hadoop. Hundreds of companies have already taken many steps; hundreds more have already taken the first step. As the wave of successful Hadoop adoption continues, more and more companies will see the value in starting the journey and paving the way for others.