spark-logoIs Apache Spark the next big thing? According to Stephen Borrelli, Founder of Asteris (a next-gen infrastructure startup built on Spark+Mesos+Docker), Spark has been called the leading candidate to replace Hadoop MapReduce.

“Apache Spark uses fast in-memory processing and a simpler programming model to speed up analytics and has become one of the hottest technologies in Big Data,” says Borrelli.

In his talk at StampedeCon 2014 (May 29-30 in St. Louis), he’ll discuss:

  • What is Apache Spark and what is it good for?
  • Spark’s Resilient Distributed Datasets
  • Spark integration with Hadoop, Hive and other tools
  • Real-time processing using Spark Streaming
  • The Spark shell and API
  • Machine Learning and Graph processing on Spark

Check out the StampedeCon 2014 presentations for more details on Stephen Borrelli’s Spark presentation as well as talks on Storm streaming data analtyics, Apache Crunch, Cloudera’s Impala and more.