richrelevanceNew mobile, social, sensor and click-stream data from consumers, the Internet of Things and even the “Enterprise of Things” is creating opportunities but also challenges for organizations who have decided to try to harness this data’s potential.  One such challenge is large-scale offline data ingestion.

At StampedeCon 2014, Murtaza Doctor, Principal Architect at RichRelevance, will describe a platform that his team has built to provide a self-service data ingestion platform that provides schema discovery, validation and error reporting as well as integration with Hive for ELT processes.  

“We’ll discuss the entire architecture, design and technology choices, roadblocks and our lessons learned on the way on how the entire platform was built leveraging open source technologies in the big data eco-system, and how it has accelerated the business,” says Doctor.

As an example, he’ll use omni-channel use cases for retailers, which include ingesting data feeds ranging from product catalogs, point of sale, in-store sensor, social and many more forms of structured & semi-structured data.  Join us at StampedeCon 2014 to learn more!