About StampedeCon Big Data Conference Series

Big Data is everywhere. Healthcare, defense, biomedicine, social media, retail – these industries and many others are dealing with the data deluge. Much like a stampede, this data is coming at you from all sides and the industry is responding with a flood of tools to assist you with big data analytics.

With so many Big Data technologies available, where will you start?

StampedeCon is a national Big Data conference founded in St. Louis, the fastest-growing tech city in the US. The event provides an education and collaboration platform for both novice IT professionals and Big Data veterans to advance the industry.  This is StampedeCon Big Data Conference Series.


Gary Stiehr


For over fifteen years, Gary has been leading technology initiatives, participating in community technology efforts and working on global-scale technology projects.

He’s had the opportunity to lead and be a part of teams leveraging high performance computing, Big Data tools and distributed grid computing services to enable global-scale distributed research collaborations. These collaborations have involved some of the world’s most data intensive projects, such as handling data from subatomic particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider as well as analyzing tens of trillions of genomic data points to find better ways to treat cancer and other diseases.

Gary has seen firsthand the incredible results that can be achieved by using multiple computers in parallel to analyze large amounts of data. StampedeCon is intended to help connect those who are achieving these results and those who want to learn how they can do so as well.

Patrice Miller

Event Coordinator