Call for Speakers

Working on an exciting AI project?  Share your story at the inaugural StampedeCon Artificial Intelligence Summit. Be a part of this exciting inaugural AI event in St. Louis and join other pioneers participating in this event who are elevating the community’s efforts around artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics, data science, machine learning and more.

With 120,000+ views of past StampedeCon speakers’ slides (across our Big Data and IoT events) on our SlideShare page, your message will continue to be heard across the world even beyond the conference.

Travel Assistance:

If your proposal is accepted, we can help with the travel and lodging expenses to get you to St. Louis.  We can cover your flight expenses (up to $500) as well as up to two nights at a hotel near the venue (up to $200 per night) and transportation to/from the airport.

Expected audience:

A diverse group of professionals attend including developers, engineers, system architects, scientists, executives and many others.  The audience for your presentation, however, may be more specific depending on the session type you choose below.

Session Types:

We would like to hear what you are working on and how you’ve achieved results with artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics, data science, machine learning and more.  This can include (but is not limited to) a discussion of your:

  • analytics processes / data science practices
  • predictive/learning model development techniques
  • business-specific use cases, success stories and/or lessons learned
  • specific tools, processes or libraries you use, such as TensorFlow, scikit-learn, other machine learning libraries, data science workbenches/notebooks, experiences with cloud-based AI, ML and analytics suites, etc.

In general, your presentation should fit within one of these categories:

  • Non-technical presentation from your company describing how you’ve found value in AI and related data technologies
  • Moderately-technical architecture presentation describing the integration and/or operationalization of AI tools and related data analysis processes
  • Technical presentation about developing for, using and/or installing AI and related data analysis platforms

Session Length:

  • 40-minute presentation

Important dates:

  • Proposal submission deadline: August 1, 2017
    (NOTE: slots may begin filling prior to deadline so please submit early)
  • Presenters notified by: August 15, 2017
  • Conference dates for sessions: October 17, 2017

Submit Speaking Proposal:

Thank you very much for your interest in speaking at the StampedeCon Artificial Intelligence Summit 2017.  Please use the form on this page to submit your proposal.

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