The Internet of (Human) Things is just beginning to take shape. The human body is an inexhaustible source of data about personal health, and the healthcare industry is just beginning to scratch the surface of the potential insights and value that will come from that data.  While much of healthcare traditionally focuses on the episodic delivery of services, the Affordable Care Act is pushing healthcare providers, payers, and self-funded employer groups to look at ways to proactively encourage healthy behaviors. Providing personal health devices as a way to promote individual health is one way that healthcare is beginning to take advantage of IoT technologies.  This session provides insight into how IoT is being leveraged in population health management through a solution jointly delivered by Amitech Solutions and Big Cloud Analytics.  Attendees will learn how Hadoop is being used to gather personal device from various vendors, integrate and analyze that information, differentiate trends across regional and cultural diversity, and provide personal recommendations and insights into health risks. This session presents one important way the healthcare industry is leveraging IoT.